We are in the business of between.Between exploring possibilities and delivering solutions.We are the power of between.Between what is complex and what is simple.Between lower value and higher value.Between what is waste, and what is valuable.The Between Chemistry.Aduro.

Sustainable transitions
powered by chemistry

At Aduro Clean Technologies we are in the business of between. Between what is difficult and what is possible. Between what is waste and what is valuable.

Between is where everything we do happens. It's where our technology platform thrives.

Our technologies have the potential to make more plastics recyclable, heavy oils more environmentally sustainable, and renewable fuels more cost-effective. And we are just getting started.

Plastic Recycling waste on the ocean floor


works with water to make big, stubborn molecules smaller and more useful.

Our technology platform means we don’t have to choose between the benefits of modern life and an environmentally sustainable future.

Inspiring others to inspire us

Our science-based approach enables smarter and longer use of fewer materials to sustain modern society while preserving the environment.