Between one technology
platform and a multitude of uses,
there is Aduro.

Our technology platform is flexible. It efficiently and cost-effectively transforms end-of-life plastics and viscous bitumen into higher value materials.

Market applications

Our technology platform transforms waste plastics into 21st-century resources for the circular economy that recovers, regenerates, and reuses materials rather than discard them.

It upgrades heavy crude, reducing its density and its viscosity to increase its value while minimizing environmental effects. It can even remove oxygen in renewable oils to make them more valuable and useful.

Pilot Program

We aspire to create a prosperous world that recovers and uses existing resources responsibly and reduces resource demands through regeneration, all with as little environmental impact as possible.

Advanced Research

Research fueled by knowledge, imagination, and curiosity is how we discovered and developed our current technology and are extending its reach. It’s how we’re expanding our technology platform and turning ideas into new solutions, a process we’re accelerating with our new state-of-the-art laboratory and growing team of scientist-engineers.

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to process diverse feedstocks and optimize product quality.

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to enable implementation, even locally on small scales.

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Simpler products

for easier use and less additional processing.

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Lower emissions

compared to alternative technologies.